Hitachi Medical Systems

Een ‘next level’ campagneconcept

De uitdaging

Visie vertalen in een effectieve campagne

Hitachi delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges, as summarized by their slogan: “Inspire the Next”. The group’s European medical systems division needed a broad campaign architecture that translated this vision into a practical and consistent campaign style that stood out from the pack while being flexible enough to be applied to a variety of products and solutions.

De oplossing

The Next Level…

Mark Partners created a bold and dynamic campaign concept and architecture based on The Next Level, with people and patients at its heart – and differentiated from the standard tech vendor narrative of its competitors. A natural extension of ‘Inspire the Next’, the campaign has multiple meanings, can be applied at various levels and across different regions, and is able to engage an international audience. The goal: to drive direct sales while consolidating the Hitachi Medical Systems Europe brand.

Het resultaat

Een brede campagne met resultaat

The Next Level campaign has been successfully used not only for marketing traditional and digital campaigns but also events and international communications. When officially unveiled at the European Congress of Radiology (the most important event in the industry calendar) in 2019, the Next Level campaign helped generate 377 leads and 280,000 social media interactions – by far the company’s best ever results for this event. Not only is the Next Level concept now firmly established for future European campaigns, it has been adopted by Hitachi’s sister business in the United States – further supported by our creation of design guidelines that have helped to cement a consistent overall campaign style.