About us

I’m an experienced brand strategist (and certified Scrum Master). Working as brand builder across both client and agency sides has made me a better consultant. I love unraveling problems and making complex things simple almost as much as I love making music.

M +31 (0)6 – 444 323 80



I’m an entrepreneur, consultant and creative director with 35+ years’ experience of bringing B2B brands to life in many different ways. I like asking the questions that no-one else dares to ask. That’s how I find the details that help your business grow.

M +31 (0)6 – 22 236 237



I am a creative director, entrepreneur and film maker. I love using new technologies like Virtual Reality to tell stories. I see opportunities: And just do it.

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I’m a copywriter, content strategist and all-round communicator with nearly 30 years’ experience across both client and agency sides – in Europe and the US. No Brexit for me, I love working with my Dutch friends.

M +44 7944 400 856


I’m a designer and entrepreneur with more than 25 years’ experience in B2B design – in 2D, 3D and digital. 
High quality, surprising the customer (and yourself sometimes), and above all: good cooperation. That’s what it’s all about for me.

M +31 (0)6 – 233 75 123



What do we do


  • Market & stakeholder insights
    Who are they? What do they need and why?
  • Competitor analysis
    Standing out from the crowd starts here
  • Scenario development
    Shape your future by exploring the options


  • Brand & portfolio strategy
    We’ll help you define your identity and how to go to market
  • Communication strategy, launch & action plans
    So what’s the plan? It starts with deep domain knowledge
  • Value proposition development
    We’ll help you identify and explain the sweet spot
  • Content strategy & message development
    Crafting a credible, compelling and relevant storyline


  • Design
    Whether online or offline, smart design never goes out of fashion
  • Storytelling & content marketing
    Exploiting your unique knowledge to add value for customers
  • Campaigns
    From movies and social media to Slideshare and SEO
  • Hands-on marketing & sales tools
    Ensuring that everyone sings from the same song sheet

Join our team

Do you want to grow as a consultant in a growing network company? Mark Partners are looking for Junior and Medior MarCom consultants for our flex pool.  Should Mark get to know you?

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