Triott’s FeedForward

An engaging livestream format

The challenge

Filling a covid-shaped hole

Like many international B2B companies, the Triott Group has always relied heavily on trade shows, events and exhibitions to get together with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers. Personal relationships are an essential part of doing business in the global feed industry – but 2020 saw Triott’s sales & marketing operation faced with a covid-shaped hole. So how could the company (and its eight subsidiary businesses) retain ‘mindshare’ with their stakeholders – and continue to keep dialogue (and business) moving forward as smoothly as possible?

The solution

A unique content format: webazine

The obvious, go-to solution was to run a series of webinars. The only problem: traditionally this medium has always tended to be a static experience, and often little more than a presentation (based on a powerpoint) with limited genuine interaction; and not too much excitement or engagement. Triott therefore decided to take a leap of faith by trying a completely new kind of integrated content vehicle devised by Mark Partners: the webazine.

  • MarkPartners developed FeedForward. This Triott web-azine is a blend of pre-filmed interviews, on-site reportage and demonstrations – livestreamed via Vimeo to social media channels like Linkedin and Facebook and – all Covid-19 friendly. Throughout the 20-30-minute broadcast, participants can submit questions and comments, all of which are addressed in a live studio-based Q&A at the end.
  • The underlying concept is simple. Rather than ‘push’ products at the audience, Feed Forward focuses on one defining issue for the feed industry per episode – and then leverages Triott’s unique expertise and industry network to delve into the topic.
  • Customers and partners form the core of each programme (augmented by Triott’s own experts); which in turn gives their participants their own platform to reach a wider, and highly relevant audience. In all, it’s a concept best summarized as being brought to you by Triott – but not all about Triott.
The result

More engagement, more leads, more new business

Each Feed Forward episode is supported by an integrated campaign combining social media and email marketing targeted at the key global decision-makers in the feed industry. All traffic leads to a campaign landing page with an easy sign-up process. Then, post-broadcast a written digest is available for download, while incoming questions continue to be addressed either via social media or directly by the Triott team.

By embracing a ‘learning-by-doing ethos, the first episode was developed from an initial concept to live broadcast in just four weeks – with Mark Partners creating the entire campaign and production in close co-operation with colleagues at Triott. Two weeks after its initial broadcast the first Feed Forward web-azine achieved the following results:

  • New sales leads from (amongst others) the UK, Ireland, Hungary and the US.
  • 600-plus views of the livestream (and growing daily).
  • Peak-times viewing of the livestream of 109 users, with little-to-no drop-offs.
  • 15 questions submitted via the livestream.
  • 35 downloads of the accompanying Digest (and counting).
  • Linkedin visitors to Triott up by 61% compared to the previous month, with a 49% increase in unique visitors.
  • The top 3 most engaged social media posts received a total of 4,677 impressions and 1,689 video views.

Ultimately, this was a successful, targeted and results-driven campaign that achieved the dual goal of driving sales – while also building the Triott brand and consolidating its standing as a genuine thought leader in the industry.

What Mark Partners delivered

  • Initial consulting & conceptualisation
  • Content development, script & written digest
  • Design
  • All filming, pre-and-post-production
  • Presenting and mediation
  • Activation strategy
  • Social media concepts and execution