Design management

The challenge

How to implement in a non-hierarchical organization?

UWV, the Dutch public employment service, is a large matrix organization with a fairly flat structure. Divisions and districts often have their own approach. Yet UWV wants all units to be recognizable to everyone as one UWV. To achieve that without top-down orders (which are highly ineffective for this type of organization) is a challenge. Implementing a new way of working with the brand requires thorough design management and Fingerspitzengefühl.

The solution

Bottom-up design management

The audit with which Mark Partners had started, laid the foundation for continuous consultation with the organization. We built a coherent design management structure around the new corporate identity and the new portal. Effective new consultation structures (with divisions), lines of communication with every corner of the organization, practical and user-friendly tools for all employees (such as a new media bank and extensive sets of templates), new procedures to manage the creative partners of UWV … Our most effective tools: dialogue, offer solutions, convince. Bottom up.

The result

Improved communication through design management

The transformation of the UWV brand is in full swing at the moment. We have shown that with a strong identity system, a good organization around it and support for employees with practical tools – in short, design management – you can lift communication output to a higher level. As a result, we have been able to develop the role of the design manager into a fully-fledged position that is now, also officially, fully embedded in the organization.