Corporate identity

The challenge

Creating one brand for a complex organization

UWV, the Dutch public employment service is a very complex organization with a broad and diverse range of legal duties – not least guiding the unemployed into work. The challenge for UWV was that its image was understandably muddled and strongly determined by the individual parts of the organization. What it needed was a single, cohesive identity for all stakeholders. This need to translate seamlessly to a digital environment – and it had to be workable for everyone.

The solution

Versatility is the key

Mark Partners reorganized the brand after conducted an extensive audit. We refreshed the existing logo and put it center stage; and we developed a versatile set of identity ‘building blocks’. This was then developed into a complete design system – called the Style of UWV – and used to create a family of applications accessible via a user-friendly portal including examples and other useful tools. We also created a thorough design management system – fingerspitzengefühl – to help empower the UWV team to implement the brand and feel a sense of ownership.

In cooperation with IntoAction (who developed the structure and technical side of the tooling), we used our expertise in the field of branding, design, text and photography to bring the identity alive.

The result

A single, resonant corporate identity

The redevelopment of the Style of UWV required a clear framework and guidelines – which came about by working closely with the UWV team. For example, we established pilot projects to develop the identity in practical and organic way – with flexibility in tone and appearance. All this combined with the communication portal has helped UWV to achieve its goal of creating a single, versatile, user-friendly – and resonant identity.